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For 24-year-old biomedical scientist, Hillary Osei. The realization that every woman has a biological clock is scary, and with her eyes set on her PhD which on average can take up to 8 years to complete. The option of freezing her eggs comes as a relief as she now has the power to decide when she wants to have kids.

“Having kids now would be chaotic and I would need an extra pair of hands” that’s according to Hillary who says giving birth now could potentially derails her plans.

She wants women to take control of their lives and if freezing their eggs is an option so be it.

What is Egg freezing?

Developed in the 1980s, oocyte cryopreservation – more commonly known as egg freezing – was originally designed to help women with serious medical conditions requiring treatment that could harm fertility improve their chances of having a baby post-treatment such as breast cancer.

It involves collecting a women’s eggs, freezing them and then thawing them later on for use in fertility treatment. In recent years, egg preservation has moved from a process of medical necessity to an elective treatment, and women can now choose to freeze their eggs to improve their chances of having children at a later date.

Dr. Promise Sefogah, a consultant obstetrician gynecologist with shape healthcare has been freezing eggs over the past decade. He believes every woman deserves choices and their biological cock should not restrict it.

He explains ‘’egg freezing is a relatively benign procedure and the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks.

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Fertility peaks at the age of the mid-20s, but by the time a woman reaches her 30s her eggs are already starting to age, leading to a decline in her fertility. By her forties, the chances of falling pregnant drop sharply.

Egg freezing can help minimize the impact of time on fertility. By having a backup supply of younger eggs, women can increase the chances of conception in later life.

time to accept this not to natural way?

Whilst egg freezing is a relatively new concept, it is becoming increasingly popular. The number of women freezing their eggs is rising.

Despite the rise in its popularity, there is still a lot of stigma attached to electing to freeze your eggs. Some people see it as preemptive measure or a sign of panic. But this is an outdated view – freezing your eggs is just an insurance policy to give you peace of mind, and to make sure that you have the freedom to plan your own future.

Emmanuel Samani.

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