[Video] Keep your front windows rolled up in traffic – Kumi Guitar warns after robbers pick his phone

Keep your front windows rolled up in traffic – Kumi Guitar
Kumi Guitar

Unfortunately, Kumi Guitar has fallen victim to street robbers after his phone was stolen using the popular tyre diversion scam. He is cautioning everyone to keep their windows rolled up whenever they have valuables stashed in their car.

In an incident that caused him to lose valuable information, the Ghanaian Highlife singer shared his experience as a heads up so that people do not fall for the same scam. In the video he shared, he narrated how these con men pulled a fast one on him, despite the countless stories about this trick.

“Street guys just picked my phone right now. Charley, I make wild. I was charging my phone oo, and I placed it near the gear. My front glass on the passenger’s side was down.

“In the traffic, when I parked because it was red. One guy came telling me that I had a flat tyre and that I should check it out. So, I turned to check it. By the time I realized that it was just a distraction to rob me, my phone had been stolen. They took it from the charger and left the scene,” he continued.

Kumi Guitar also advised people to stay alert whenever their cars are stationary on the road.

“If there’s a ‘go-slow’ or if you are stuck in traffic, don’t leave your front glass down. Roll it up. I don’t want you to go through what I just experienced. Just be careful, roll it up and be safe. I have lost everything, my videos and voice notes. Bad day,” he advised.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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