[Video] Deadly ride to work!

An unidentified man has been captured on tape [above] endangering his life and that of a child on a motorbike. The man was spotted Tuesday morning riding a motorbike with the child dangerously strapped to his back with just a cloth and without any form of protection whatsoever for both of them. He was seen driving from the Radio Gold Traffic intersection through the Nkrumah flats area to join the Korle-Bu mortuary road in Accra. Aside the fact that both the child and the rider had no helmets, hand gloves and knee pads on, the man disregarded road traffic rules by riding in the median of the road and refused to stop at traffic lights as seen at the latter part of the video. It is believed that is a daily practice for the man, hence police personnel along that stretch of the road must act promptly to forestall any accident involving the man and the child By 3news.com|Ghana]]>

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