[Video] Chaos in Parliament among seven prophecies of Rev Isaac Ofori that were fulfilled in 2021

Head Pastor of the Overcomers Breed International at Fanmilk Blockfactory, Rev Isaac Ofori delivered seven key prophecies on December 31st 2020 that were going to happen in the year 2021.

The seven prophecies have come to pass as of 29th December 2021, he said.

He prophesied among other things that Ghana was going to discover oil in commercial quantities. “I see God was speaking to me again that in our own land we will also drill our own oil,” he projected.

The fulfilment of this prophecy came to light after Italian oil giant, ENI made major discovery offshore Ghana.

Also, he prophesied about chaos in Parliament. Its fulfilment also was realised after the pandemonium that characterized the debate on the E-levy proposal in the 2022 budget statement.

“The prophecies he gave were “Oil Discovery in Ghana, Giant foreign to set up branches in Ghana, Seed of confusion in Ghana Parliament, Ghanaians receiving international awards, Rise of terrorism in South East Asia, Middle East, India, Nigeria, Severe Climatic conditions and natural disasters in Major cities in the USA, Sea Creatures washed ashore.”

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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