Victims of Kintampo accident given mass burial

Ten persons who lost their lives in the gruesome accident at Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region last week have been given a mass burial.

The exercise was undertaken Sunday evening around 4:00pm after nobody showed up to identify any of the persons involved after series of announcements, authorities at Kintampo Government Hospital have said.

At least 70 people died in Wednesday’s accident when a Metro Mass Transit bus was involved in a multiple accident on its way to Tamale.

According to the hospital, the about 60 bodies brought to the hospital far outstripped the capacity of the morgue making it difficult to freeze the bodies.

Due to that some of the bodies started decomposing and emitted strong stench into the atmosphere much to the discomfort and displeasure of residents, TV3’s correspondent Larry Moses reports.

The hospital is located within the Kintampo township with residential apartments around it.

The hospital authorities say they were forced to carry out the mass burial yesterday after residents complained about the unbearable stench coming out of the hospital as a result of the decomposing corpses.

The hospital is expected to carry out another mass burial in the coming days.

Source: | Ghana

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