Victimization of people who do the right things in public service is affecting corruption fight – Vitus Azeem

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Anti-corruption advocate and integrity campaigner, Vitus Azeem has expressed worry over how people are victimized for doing and insisting on the right things in the Public Service in Ghana instead of being rewarded for their patriotism.

Mr. Azeem is calling for effective implementation of the National Anti-corruption Action Plan which include; Public Education, Prevent Measures that’s passing the laws and establishing the institutions, and the third which involves investigations and prosecutions. He however noted that Ghana has failed in the third and that is why corruption keeps festering.

“Sometimes if you are seen in your office to be doing the right thing, they will just move you to an empty table with no schedule. It is worrying that people who do their best to fight against corruption are punished instead of rewarding them” he asserts

He alleges that the Executive and Legislative arms of government refuse to institute appropriate action on corruption reports because they benefit from it. “The Executive and Parliamentarians they are politicians and there is no motivation for them to conduct further investigation on them because they benefit from the corrupt system”

Mr. Azeem told Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise that the corruption report by CHRAJ and its partners is enough for CHRAJ and the Office of the Special Prosecutor to pick particular institutions and conduct further investigation on this.

He is of the belief that CHRAJ and the Special Prosecutor’s Office can take this report and carry out in-depth investigation into some of these institutions apart from waiting for those institutions to do their own investigations.

According to the anti-corruption campaigner, apart from CHRAJ going to court itself, there are other actions that can be taken such as handing over the case to the Attorney General or Special Prosecutor to go to court. There are other actions that can be taken such as the; recovery of the money in addition to prosecution, and demotion.

“We hope that we will have a leadership that will listen and just not listen but take action” Vitus Azeem concluded.

By Samuel Afriyie Owusu||Ghana

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