VGMA 22: ‘Adom oo Adom’ – Diana Antwi Hamilton, first female Artiste of the Year (Alive)

VGMA22: ‘Adom oo Adom’ - Diana Antwi Hamilton, first female Artiste of the Year (Alive)
Diana Antwi Hamilton
Diana Antwi Hamilton made history at the VGMA 2021 when she emerged as the first female alive to be crowned as Artiste of the Year. And with Adom, she snatched the most coveted award in the industry because Jesus is cool like that!

Speaking with Cookie Tee on TV3 NewDay, Diana Antwi Hamilton revealed the screws and mechanisms behind the process leading to her win. According to Diana, support from the Church of Pentecost was coincidental but in line with its (the church) theme for the year.

She said, “I do not think anyone sat down to calculate this. But the Church of Pentecost has a theme this year, Possessing the Nation. So, the chairman is running with this vision. And as a church, we are following the chairman and God with that. We are possessing the nation. In terms of politics, governance, education, finance and entertainment. And we are not going to do what the masses are doing. We are bringing Jesus to the market. And I think I have been one person who has taken Jesus to the market. And the church deemed it fit to support me and push me to do this. So, it was not just the church of Pentecost. It was the body of Christ.”

According to Diana, the leaders of the Christian fraternity are proud of her contribution to the ministry. And how she has made Jesus an attractive person to hang around with.
Diana expressed profound gratitude for Team DH and disclosed that the movement was formed on her blind side. It just happened when fans took up the challenge to push her towards the win. “Listen, they attached so much emotions. Go out there and check them out. Maame Pomaah and the team on Instagram. They made so much noise. And in their own solo ways went around talking to people. Nobody sat down to have a meeting. Afia Akoto was just unapologetic about it.”

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Diana also shared her experience as total submission to God. She said she has never relied on her voice or ability when it came to commercialising her craft. She attributed her success to her decision to submit fully under the will of God. “Whenever I am in that state, it never goes well. And so I am okay when it is not about me. And it is about Jesus. And I have seen him do it. From “Ɔsoro bɛkasa” (Heaven will speak) to Ensi wo yie” (May it be well with you). To Work in Progress to Mo ni Yo to Yehowa to Nsenkyerene Nyankopon … it is just a song. And Cookie, I have been taking it one song at a time.”

Out of her six nominations at the 22nd edition of the VGMA’s, Diana Hamilton swept a whopping four. Including the most prestigious award of the night, Artiste of the Year. Her wins included Best Gospel Song of the Year, Gospel Artiste of the Year and Vodafone Most Popular Song of the Year.

Congratulations, Diana Antwi Hamilton. Indeed, Jesus is cool like that!

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana



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