Very dumb statement – Nii Ayi tackles Asantewaa’s comment on Tik Tok’s relevance in music

Very dumb statement - Nii Ayi tackles Asantewaa's comment
Nii Ayi Tagoe and Asantewaa
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High-profile DJ and radio presenter Nii Ayi Tagoe has descended on Tik Toker Asantewaa for her comments about Tik Tokers being the gateway to hit songs.

Using unprintable words to describe her, Nii Ayi emphasized the success of past musicians that had made it without social media or digital streams on 3FM’s Showbiz 927.

“I think that girl is very stupid. So when there wasn’t Tik Tok, there wasn’t Facebook, Spotify and all those social media things, how were Micheal Jackson and Co getting popular?
They were selling their records. Even though there’s Tik Tok, don’t people still sell their records? So if you don’t make it to Tik Tok, is she trying to say that people won’t sell their records? That’s the dumbest thing anybody could say.”

According to Nii Ayi, an artiste’s success should be contributed to the efforts of music producers and artiste managers who form part of the music process.

“Are they the ones making artistes or people like Bullgod and co who make artiste? Do Tik Tokers take artiste to the studio? Do they make beats? Or Tik Tokers are rather trying to sell themselves. Yes, they may be promoting the music because they are singing along to the songs. But who becomes popular? It’s the Tik Toker, not the song per se. So what is she talking about that they make the songs? That’s a very dumb statement she made. Anybody can quote me,” Nii Ayi continued.

On the importance of social media, he added that although the digital space has leverage, it is not the most prominent feature of music success.

“I’m not saying social media is not important. But it is important to a certain extent. And the rest of social media becomes dumb.
Unlike newspapers or you sitting on radio, your producer, your programs director and everybody has a go at whatever it ti you want to say. So when you write out your story to be printed out, everybody goes through it… So everything is controlled,” Nii Ayi told Caleb Nii Boye.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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