Verna Changing Lives: Breadwinning ginger seller receives GHC 5,000 support


The heartwarming impact of the Verna Changing Lives continues to shine brightly as Sekina Salifu, a 34-year-old mother of three, becomes the latest recipient of its benevolence.

Her life took a challenging turn when her husband lost his sight due to illness, putting the responsibility of providing for the squarely on her shoulders.

For four years, Sekina Salifu has been tirelessly selling ginger at the UMB market, determined to ensure there's food on the table for her family.

However, her life has been transformed for the better through the generosity of the Verna Changing Lives Campaign. With the Five Thousand ( 5000) cash gift she received, she can now afford to seek urgent medical attention for one of her who requires help for a mental condition.

Sekina Salifu joins a growing list of individuals who have had their lives touched by this remarkable initiative since its inception in Accra. Previous beneficiaries include Madam Sefakor, a vulnerable petty trader; Isaac Berkai, a second-year blind student at the University of ; Gladys Blessing, a physically challenged street hawker aged 32; Lydia Korkoi Armah, a 61-year-old petty trader in need of medical assistance; a 44-year-old female coconut seller; Lorraine Obeng, a mother of two who defies gender norms to support her children's education, and Madam Grace Adoley Pappoe, a 64-year-old onions and garlic seller at Makola 31st Market.

The Verna Changing Lives Campaign is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project that seeks to enhance the lives of those burdened by adversity. By addressing urgent problems faced by individuals on the streets of Accra, this initiative brings hope and relief to those in need.

Verna Changing Lives is proudly powered by 92.7 MHz, Your Urban Lifestyle Radio, in their ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the communities they serve.

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