UTAG, NLC taking steps to discontinue court case

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The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) and the National Labour Commission (NLC) are taking steps to discontinue the court case over the strike action by the union.

This was reached on Wednesday, August 18 after officials of UTAG and NLC had a meeting to discuss the way forward.

They are also taking steps to return to the negotiation table.

A statement said “That both parties (Government and UTAG) agree that there is a need to get back to the negotiating table from the week beginning Monday, August 23, 2021.

“That a road for negotiation, as agreed at previous consultative meetings between the parties, which imposes a one-month mandatory period beginning 23rd August 2021 for negotiations, shall be signed by both parties;

“That whilst the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations in conjunction with the NLC is taking steps to discontinue all legal processes against UTAG, UTAG will also take steps to suspend the ongoing strike action;

“That government acknowledges the need to improve the working conditions of University Teachers and shall treat this will all the seriousness it deserves.”

Earlier negotiations between the state and UTAG last week broke down, compelling the NLC to seek intervention from the courts.

UTAG said they felt bullied following the NLC’s injunction to have them return to work.

UTAG is unwilling to return to work despite the court injunction secured by the NLC.

They are demanding the restoration of a 2012 Single Spine Salary Structure agreement that would see entry-level lecturers earn the cedi equivalent of $2,084 monthly.

Speaking in an interview with sit-in-host of the First Take, Nancy Vukanea on 3FM Monday August 9, the National UTAG President, Professor Charles Marfo said “We are just saying that this is where we were [but] standards have fallen so much and so please could we do the market survey that you said we will do and in two years it has not been done. If you cannot do it could you just place us where we were earlier?”

Asked whether they feel bullied by the government, he said “That is what is infuriating my people because they are not kids.

“When you are called to the table and something is offered and you object to it or reject it you are only asking for something better but somebody says it is off the table and I am going to take you to Labour Commission and trust me you will lose.

“We are just doing what our people are asking us to do, we are doing the right thing. If it is wrong I know the lawyers will tell us and we will be the first people to stop whatever we are doing.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana