Use Ghan[email protected] logo for free – Committee tells Ghanaians, businesses

Small scale printing businesses, individuals and organisations wishing to use the [email protected] logo will not be charged or made to pay royalties for the patent, the 60th anniversary committee has announced. However, the Akosombo Textile Limited is the only textile company with the legal right to print the anniversary cloth for the celebration, which was unveiled in Accra Thursday. The 30-member committee has explained the decision followed a directive by the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Chairman of the planning committee, Lord Commey, has said that the committee has no business whatsoever in the selling of the anniversary cloth, noting that aspect has been given to the producers. “Apart from the cloth, the planning committee has decided base on the recommendations of the president,  that our logo and theme should be owned by all Ghanaians especially small and medium enterprises to serve as a source of income,” he said. The decision is expected to be a boost for the printing industry, which is set to capitalise on the anniversary to rack in some money through the printing of various paraphernalia for sale to the public.In 2007 when Ghana celebrated its Golden Jubilee, companies and persons were charged at least GHC10,000 before being given the right to use the [email protected] logo. Speaking at the inauguration of the 30-member committee, to Mr Ken Amankwa who chairs the committee, said President Akufo-Addo’s decision is geared at creating job opportunities for Ghanaians as the country celebrates its 60th birthday on March 6.

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