USA and the Western world are against polygamy, Ghana is against LGBT – Why the threats?

On June 26 2015, the highest court of the United States of America simply referred to as the(US Supreme Court), struck out all state laws banning same-sex marriages from their statutes.

This singular act by the supreme of the most powerful nation in world meant that, same-sex marriage had became not just acceptable in all the fifty states in America, but also legal. 

I remember that day pretty well, because I was glued to my television set, watching the Cable News Network (CNN) and witnessed for myself how the host of Anderson Cooper 360 (Himself a gay) took the live feed in a jubilant mood over the surprising decision by the Supreme Court.

It was also  quiet interesting watching the kind of pictures painted outside the Supreme Court following the infamous verdict- men kissing men passionately, and women kissing women passionately and locking tongues all over with careless abundance.

Need I repeat that all this happened within the very precincts of the US supreme court?

At long last!  the US has asserted itself not only as  the most powerful nation on the earth, but also the ‘freeist’ country in thewhole wide world by fully endorsing gay marriage and approving LGBT rights.

The gay pride parade was insane, trust me,  it wasn’t surprising that a few months later, some countries in the European Union (EU) joined in the legitimization of such an aborminal act.

I recall vividly that on that evening, I called up one of my Brazilian friends, a woman who had always been a strong advocate and a strong supporter of LGBT rights to pick her mind on what had just happened in the US.

In her exhilarating voice, she said to me…..GUY GEE, you know this is the best news I have received in my entire life. So good to be true.. She added.

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Being a bisexual herself, she had engaged me in several arguments and matured conversations  on this subject and I remember how she often called me deranged, dumb, misinformed and bias especially ( when she was in her angry mood) even though she was a very calm and sweet person.

Sadly we’ve lost touch for years now due to the fact that ,each time we discussed the issue the argument somehow degenerated. The last one of such, really did! Especially after I had shared with her a YouTube link of a documentary by Anderson Cooper and CNN talking about the history of gay/LGBT rights.

The documentary in question showed how in the 1970s, men and women who showed the tendencies associated of today’s LGBQTI’s were consider “Act of Madness” by the American Psychological Association. 

So how did we get here, such that today America has boldly accepted and legalized such tendencies?

The documentary as I watched it on the YouTube link revealed that in the 1970s a few bravemen like Huey Newton (then the leader of the infamous Black Panther Movement) were the early persons who openly voiced out in support for the recognition of LGBTs. 

These men and women really stood their grounds to ensure that their rights were fully recognised and respected.

It is important to emphasize that from that period through to now,  the world have witnessed persons of high societal standing openly admit to, and advocated support and recognition for their rights on their sexual preferences.

Among some of these personalities are notable ones like,  Elton John and one of my favourite giver mentors in the world Ellen De Generes.

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Today  what started as a canker described by the American Psychological Association (APA) has become an accepted practice in America and most countries in Europe.

America just like  their counterparts in Europe who have equally regularized same sex marriage are  sovereign states with the rights to self determination, and  no one can hold it against them.

However, , the attempt by the US and it’s allies  to brazenly push the agenda of LGBTQI down the throat of other countries to accept it as a ‘new normal’ is what is quiet worrying and annoying.

Just hold on with your thoughts for now.

In 1472  the first whiteman arrived at the shores of Ghana and I’m sure you have been told during your history lessons back in school what they did?

The whiteman introduced us to the ways of his God and inculcated into us the ways of his God whilst ironically condemning our God and our ways of life.  

They introduced to us christianity which majority of us now gladly practice without questions and through this religion, condemned our long practiced system of polygamy.

The irony of the situation is that the whiteman having forced us to believe that, our long cheerished system of marriage including polygamy was bad, today, they have come back with another  agenda to tell us that  in addition to accepting their marriage of one-man-one-woman, we must also accept a man marrying to a man and a woman marrying to a woman as right and normal.

Let me paint a picture for you here to make it clearer to you in order to help you   get the context right.

Supposing I come to the Upper West side of Manhattan, New York as a Ghanaian (African) and set up an Office to arrange polygamous marriages between US  men and women or vice versa… Will the American laws grant me the freedom to run my business freely or will their top shot New York lawyers come after me strongly for breaking the laws of the state of New York??

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Does it make sense to you now?? 

So if they won’t allow us to do that and create heavenly matchmaking service between US men and African women, what right do they have then to foist LGBT rights on us and ask us to legalise it under our laws?

I’m not so keen on the religious or spiritual angle to this whole debate rather the commonsense and rationality of it.

So if they won’t allow me to legally conduct polygamous marriages for their citizens, why would they hold it against if equally prevent same-sex marriage in our country? The next article would try to answer why..

It’s that simple!!

By Prince Adjei (GuyGee)

The writer holds an MA. (Public Administration) as the Records Information Management Project Coordinator of a Private company in United States of America. He opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. With over 8 years in both public and private sectors, Prince Adjei (GUYGEE) has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Prince Adjei (GuyGee) has managed projects in Records, Information and Management, where he was a finalist for the PMI® Project of the Year. Prince Adjei (Guy Gee) holds an MPA from Kean University, Union, New Jersey and a current PMP® certification