US to ground all Boeing crash aircraft

President Donald Trump has issued an emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 Max aircraft following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet on Sunday. The Federal Aviation Administration had previously held out while many countries banned the aircraft from flying over their airspace. President Trump said the planes would now be grounded until Boeing “comes up with a solution”. The US is the last country to suspend the aircraft following the disaster. The crash in Addis Ababa killed 157 people. It was the second fatal Max 8 disaster in five month after one crashed over Indonesia in October, killing 189 people. Earlier on Wednesday, Canada grounded the planes after its transport minister Marc Garneau said he had received new evidence about the crash. He said that satellite data showed possible similarities between flight patterns of Boeing 737 Max planes operating in Canada and the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed. He said: “As a result of new data that we received this morning, and had the chance to analyze, and on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure, I issued a safety notice. “This safety notice is effective immediately and will remain in place until further notice.” Source: BBC]]>

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