US polls: Trump’s fraud comment unfortunate – Prof Agyeman Duah

Former US President Donald J. Trump

Governance Expert Professor Baffour Agyeman Duah has described as unfortunate US president Donald Trump’s claims of fraud in the electoral process as counting of ballots continues in that country.

Mr Trump who is contesting former vice president Joe Biden, in what watchers say is a close election, has said he will head to the court to halt the process.

But Professor Agyeman Duah fears the posture of the US president could plunge America into a political crisis.

He told TV3 on Wednesday November 4 that “The nightmares of many people before the elections that America was going to experience some serious crisis in their political system seems to be coming true.

“It is not surprising that Trump is threatening to go to court because he said it before and he deliberately selected Supreme Court justices, defied all conventions and pushed through at the very last minute, an additional Supreme court judge because he knew what he was planning for.

“Also all through this election period he has sought to delegitimize the electoral system. His latest stands by declaring victory and requesting that all vote counting be stopped and that he will be going to the supreme court to seek that kind of injunction is clearly Donald Trump in his typical sense.

“The man wouldn’t like to lose and he is going to do anything fair or foul means  to achieve that end.”


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