Unused completed hospitals a wasted investment – Dr Anaba

Public Health Specialist and former Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Dr Thomas Anabah has said hospital projects that have not been put to good use after completion is a wasted investment.

Speaking on TV3’s campaign to having abandoned hospitals across the country opened, he said it does not make economic sense for completed hospitals to be sitting idle while people struggle to access healthcare.

“It is not good news to hear that there is a facility which is completed and it’s not being used, it costs a lot one cannot quantify exactly, but it’s costing especially people who are living around that area or people who are passing by that area and are falling sick. It means that people within that area must continue the services of other facilities by travelling distances to get healthcare”, he told Komla Adom on TV3’s Midday Live.

He added unprofitable hospitals do not only waste investment, but also loses their significance and benefits.

 “So any facility that has been constructed and its standing without use is losing value, is losing precious monies that have been paid for insurance maintenance and replacement of broken parts”

Dr Anabah mentioned that when these facilities are not used immediately after completion chances of warranty also goes down the drain.

“The investments being made in that facility will be going to waste,” he emphasized.

He however says the cost of funding a hospital solely depends on the intended services to be provided.

Some hospitals which have been completed across the country have been put into their intended use due to poor funding and inadequate equipment provided at the facilities. The Madina Polyclinic, Kekele is an example of such facilities. The polyclinic has been in operation without full equipment after six months of handing over. 

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By Belinda Worwornyo|3news.com|Ghana