UN Peace Ambassador inducted as a member of Ga Council of Patrons

The United Nations Peace Ambassador, Dr Samuel Ben Owusu has been elated as member of Patron of Gadangme State Council of Asafoiatsemeii and Asafoiayemeii.

He was inducted during the 2nd edition of the Asafoiatsemeii and Asafoiayemeii conference 2022 in Nungua, Accra. The conference brought all the Asafoiatsemeii and Asafoiayemeii in the whole GaDangme State together to forge ahead in Peace.

In his speech after the induction said; I am very honoured to be invited as one of the very Special Guests and a Speaker to this all important 2nd Edition of GaDangme Council of Asafoaitsemeii and Asafoainyemeii conference with the theme: Leading the Charge for Consolidating, Promoting and Sustaining Culture, Traditional Leadership and Heritage.

I thank the almighty for His Grace and mercy toward me and also sincere appreciation goes to the GA Mantse, His Royal Majesty King Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru, His Royal Majesty Prof. king Nortse Odaifio Welentsi III, the Accra Regional Minister who was in presence, Hon Henry Quartey, former Accra Regional Minister, Hon Afortey-Agbo, Member of Council of State Hon. ET Mensah, the Ceo of Macdan Group of Companies and the entire council of Elders and the executive council of the GaDangme state Asafoiatsemeii and Asafoiayemeii for granting me this opportunity to be part of this great council of Patrons.

“At the heart of many faiths, practices, and cultures, is the message of peace and the advancement of a peaceful co-existence which is essential to ensuring productive, meaningful lives and a sustainable society to preserve our traditional Heritage. Our culture and heritage is critical in such a time where influences have tinted our traditions. Globally, culture is recognized as the fourth dimension of sustainable development and one that permeates all other aspects of our lives. Cultural heritage can be a factor of division but also a component for peace, reconciliation and development, helping to build a better and inclusive future. Protecting and enhancing cultural heritage even in conflict should now become our priority.

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As we are launching forward, we want to encourage a working support. Also encourage you to Join with others already active in your community to pursue your goals for peace-building and Sustaining our cultural heritage. Learn if your town has a peace campaigners/advocates or similar organization. Even if not, you can call on us the “International Association of World Peace Advocate (IAWPA)-Ghana since we have a department that help start, builds and train community peace advocates.

“The epochal transformations we face today calls for renewed investment in areas of cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue, especially where they relate to the peace and sustainable development agendas; therefore, in the Quest for Leading the Charge of consolidating, Promoting and Sustaining Culture, Traditional Leadership and Heritage the GaDangme State( Greater Accra Region) Royals, citizens and sojourners must strategically promote peace: all involve being inclusive, proactively addressing needs of communities, and anticipating situations that may arise.

“I want to use this Opportunity to appeal to His Royal Majesty Boni King Tarkie Teiko Tsuru II(Ga Mantse) and President of the Ga Traditional Council, The Chairman of this conference “His Royal Majesty Oboade Nortse King Prof. Odaifio Welentsi III(President of the Nungua Traditional Council and the Vice President of the Greater Accra House of Chiefs), to find a lasting solution to the issue of Land Guards and the Double sale of traditional lands which from report is causing most conflicts in the GaDangme State.

“Again, I appeal to the GaDangme State to unite and forester peace since in unity they can build their state to a more enviable one.

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“Also, I humbly appeal to the Government to establish an educational scholarship scheme both Academic and vocational training to the people of the GaDangme State to help ensure economic empowerment which I believe has a corresponding effect to cultural growth. since this is the only state/region that has given bigger parts of its lands to the government for social development since the Country’s capital was moved to this region.

I will also again appeal to the Cooperate Institutions and all other organizational bodies who have their various head offices on the GaDangme land, to honour the custodians of the land with their royalties and other remittances due them to help develop its communities.

“Last but not the least, I appeal to the international bodies through the government to respect and pay homage to the traditional leaders of the GaDangme Land any time they visit, before they move to any part of the Country. It is critical to build on this momentum to strengthen our collective capacity to protect our culture and heritage as tools for more sustainable, resilient and peaceful societies.” of the GaDangme State.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana