UK: Ghanaian students on GETFund scholarship cry for allowances

Ghanaian students in Russia demonstrated in Moscow last year

Ghanaian students in the UK studying under the Ghana Education Trust (GET) Fund scholarships are crying for their allowances to be released by government.

They said the situation is exposing them to a number of challenges one of which is being denied access to certain learning facilities.

In a release to foreign missions, the students revealed that since September, 2016, only one-third of their living allowances, accommodation fees and school fees have been paid.

That money, gathers, was released in April, 2017 “after several months of being ignored by the government”.

“We basically used what was sent to pay off arrears incurred from September to November and have since been living in expectancy of our balance,” the release on Tuesday said.

It pointed out that as a result of the predicament, dissertations may not be accepted.

The students, who refer to themselves as GETFund students, are ultimately demanding their allowances “to complete our courses and return home”.

“This experience has been very frustrating and we wish to advise the foreign missions to ensure GETFund provides all necessary evidence in their sponsorships before they accept students”.

This comes a few months after some Ghanaian students in Russia demonstrated over similar concerns.


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