U/E: 2 commit suicide at Timonde

Two people have committed suicide in separate communities in the Timonde electoral area in the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region. Mbabun Azoogo, 41, and Amade Samuel Ayaaba, 26, both from Timonde electoral are but in different communities, were were said to have mental illness. Mbabun Azoogo from Timonde-Gorigo allegedly  drunk some poisonous substance and was rushed to the Zebilla Government Hospital for treatment. But she passed on upon arrival at the hospital, leaving behind two-week old twins. The police later discovered that Mrs Azoogo drunk Herbextra weedicide from a container. According to the matron of the Zebilla Government Hospital,  the deceased, “came to the hospital and gave birth safely and was sent home but two days later, she was here for postnatal care”. “But later in the day, she was brought in unconscious foaming from the mouth and information gathered from the relatives indicated that she took poison and they even came with the container and we actually tried our best to salvage the situation by way of instituting emergency and immediate measures by way of removing the poison but she gave up leaving the two weeks old twins under a care of a man.” He appealed to Ghanaians, philanthropists and organizations to come to the aid of the twins. Azooga Anani, a farmer and a husband of the deceased, who struggled to speak, said he does not know how he is  going to live with the babies. He, therefore, appealed for assistance from government and other donors to help nurse his babies. According to Police Commander ASP Emmanuel Huno-Broni, the other deceased, Amade Samuel Ayaaba, shot himself due to insanity with a single barrel gun and died on the spot. The body was deposited at the Zebilla Government Hospital morgue for autopsy and later released to the family for burial. The single barrel gun and one empty BB cartridge were retrieved. Further investigations are, however, being conducted to ascertain the cause of his death. Meanwhile, a family member said Amade Samuel was part of those who paid monies to join the Eagle Crown Unit but was later turned away. “Since then Samuel has not been his real self, his attitude suddenly changed,” the family member said. The regent of Timonde, Gbandana Atiah Anyagre, expressed worry about the two separate but related incidents. He described the situation as a total blackout to his jurisdiction. He said sacrifices will be made to appease the gods and fowls and sheep as well as pito will be offered to wash off the ‘dirt’ to avert similar occurrences in the future. Gbandana Atiah Anyagre also called on Ghanaians, non-governmental organizations and other civil society groups to assist the babies left behind.

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