Two pistols, one SB shotgun, cartridge retrieved from 5 armed robbers

Police in the Central Region have retrieved two pistols, one SB shotgun and one cartridge among other weapons from five suspected armed robbers arrested at Gomoa Ptosin in the Gomoa East District. Also retrieved from the five suspects whose identities are yet to be revealed were one empty BB cartridge shell, two laptops with their accessories, two cutlasses, mobile phones, six wax prints and a number of talisman. Central Regional Police Commander DCOP Paul Manly Awini told journaists acting upon intelligence; they first arrested a 45-year-old Fulani  at a farm settlement at Amenfi Baodzi The man, believed to be one of the kingpins of robberies in the area, led the police to Gomoa Potsin where the other four were arrested. They have been remanded to assist in further investigations. “We arrested a 45year old fulani man whom intelligence indicated is one of the kingpins of robberies that have been happening around,” DCOP Awini said. [caption id="attachment_78622" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Items seized from the suspects[/caption] He added: “All the suspects will be remanded to assist us in further investigations. We also retrieved from them several talismen which we believe, help them to avoid police arrest”. According to the Central Regional Police Commander, on January 29,   three men armed with pistol and knives attacked a victim in his residence at Gomoa Postin and demanded he surrounded all monies in his possession. The victim was said to have resisted and struggled with the robbers causing them to shoot on the right thigh, which led to the amputation of the leg. The Commander has meanwhile advised the public to corporate with the police by sharing information about unscrupulous individuals and groups who are suspected to be or engaged in criminal acts. He credited credible intelligence by informants for the success in arresting the five suspects, and assured the police in the region ensure the identity of people who volunteer information are protected. “Members of the public should not entertain any fears that when they provide us with intelligence their identities will be disclosed…We will treat all such intelligence with professionalism and their identities will jealously be protected,” he said He said once the police are given credible intelligence, “we can carry the fight to the criminals” DCOP Awini also warned criminals who believed in the power of talisman for robbery to desist because the police clamp down on them.

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