Two ex-convicts arrested for armed robbery

Two ex-convicts who spent years in jail have been arrested again by the Tema Regional Police Command for robbery. Cudjoe Boamah, 26 years, and Nicholas Tetteh, 23 years, were both incarcerated on 27th February, 2013 and served 5 years, 4 months, and 3 years, 4 months respectively. They were imprisoned for breaking, entry and stealing, and had served their term at the Nsawam Prison. Investigations into the latest crime indicated that, on the dawn of Monday, February 28, 2017, at 1.00am, around Afienya, the suspects went to the area where a phone shop is located, to cut open the container and steal mobile phones, which were for sale. According to the shop owner, his container had been cut open somewhere last year and thieves made away with all his goods in the shop. Head of Tema Regional Public Relations, ASP Juliana Obeng, in a statement said the owner was advised by police to fortify the container to curtail any further occurrences of which he obliged. He fortified the container by putting in place, mechanism that leaves the container electrocuted whenever he closes.

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On the said date, the ex-convicts who unsuccessfully could not cut open the container decided to penetrate through the roof. They climbed onto the roof and created an opening, only to realize that the container was impregnable since it was barricaded electronically. While they were busily trying to find other means of accessing the container, police had information to the effect that some armed robbers were trying to break into a phone shop. The police reacted swiftly and rushed to the scene. At the scene, police met the suspects in the act and subsequently arrested them. A single barrel gun, one locally manufactured pistol, 11 pieces of AA live ammunition, one cutter, 3 wrappers of substances believed to be Indian hemp and a torchlight was retrieved from the ex-convicts after a search on them. Investigations at the crime scene also revealed two cylinders with a metering gauge. The suspects immediately admitted and claimed ownership of the equipment and stated that, they used it to melt the metal and cut open the containers. According to the suspects, they were five in number but could not tell where the remaining three were. They are currently in police custody, assisting in investigations.
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