TwinsDntBeg give exclusive on why the Presidency fired them

TwinsDntBeg give exclusive on why the Presidency fired them

Although they lost the prestigious position of being the photographers for the Presidency, TwinsDntBeg is still the Official photographers of Samira Bawumia, the Second Lady of Ghana.

According to Emmanuel and Samuel, the events that led to their termination in 2017 was swift. It started with a we-will-call-you-when-we-need-you to the-call-that-never-came.

TwinsDntBeg revealed that a leak from their end caused public ridicule of the President. And that was the beginning of their terminus at the Flagstaff House. The offending pic was His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo in scrubs on a visit to the Ridge Hospital to see disaster victims.

Speaking on other bad days in their budding careers, they recounted an incident that occurred because of their role as the official photographers of The Ghana Golden Movie Awards. Beverly Afaglo posted their pics and said distasteful words against them, including saying they use ‘infinix’ cameras.

Another exhilarating experience when they happen to be in a room alone with the President of Ghana and a foreign president on a photography gig.
Even though they have lost an entire wedding video before, they said most people don’t like working with them. The reason being they don’t polish the pictures until the models are almost unrecognizable.

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