TV3’s Zubaida Ismail writes: If Major Mahama had shot his attackers…

The lynched soldier Adam Mahama was laid to rest on Friday, June 9

Come to think of it, have we thought of the stringent punishment the Late Major would have been served with if he had shot to kill or hurt in self defence? About 99% who had the opportunity to watch that heinous death went like, ” but he could have shot in self defence, why didn’t he use his pistol, I also asked the same question and many more but probably at that time what run through his mind was, I would be called a murderer, my rank as a Captain would be wiped from me per the military ethics and regulations, the headlines on media portals would be Soldier Kills Residents….Captain Mahama Shots Innocent Residents of Denkyira-Obuasi, or possibly A Dreaded Soldier Kills Some Supposed Galamseyers in Denkyira-Obuasi, the worse would have come from political news outlets and would read Mahama’s Nephew Kills 3 at Denkyira-Obuasi, and before even listening to him, the same media that has carried his demise and burial so perfectly would have offered him to the slayers, I bet only one out of the over hundred media houses would have had the right headline and that probably would have been “Military Captain Shoots to Kill in “Self Defence”, the self defence at that point would have appeared the same way I have written it because that media house wouldn’t want to be seen as being judgemental even before trial begins. And then some invisible hands in galamsey would have ensured the rest of his life is a mess because he’s killed some of their own.

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His superiors would have been like Judas, that would be the time to exercise krachi powers….to wit superiority and prove to him that Captain was no better rank than Major, Lieutenant Colonel  etc. Then commentary on media houses will even be more heart wrecking than death. Probably these and other reasons are why he chose death over life. He thought surrounding his pistol and raising his hands up as taught in the army was good enough to tell the people he wasn’t dangerous but how do you expect people who have not gone through such education like he did know that raising one’s hands in the air meant at the face of conflict meant harmless.

We have wasted so much time as  a country debating on “unnecessary” things. Six month compulsory military training is enshrined in our national service policy but what have we done to it? Maybe, just maybe, if one soul during the lynching had ever watched a video on the military training during national service on meaning of some postures, he would have screamed Stop! When he surrounded his pistol and we would have saved a life.

Why I’m I writing so much at this time and on this day? Because many have committed this crime but for some powerful hands are walking on the streets. The only gift we can offer as a country is not to jump quickly into conclusion, not offer the lamb so swiftly to the slayers because they might have a story to tell.

And to the police and all involved in investigations, please Ghana will not accept any excuse from you, the Attorney General’s office will only work with what the police provides and we don’t want to witness any more non posi….whatever then come tell us you have now found new evidences. The time to find all evidences is now!

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Thank you.

Wake Up Ghana! For You Have Slept Far Too Long.

By Zubaida Ismail

The writer is the Northern Region correspondent for TV3, 3FM &