TUC must make reasonable demands we can all support – Energy Expert

Secretary-General of the TUC, Dr Yaw Baah (Right) recently asked President Akufo-Addo to increase salaries of workers

Energy Expert, Mr Kwadwo Poku has said it is not possible for the government to meet the demands of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) asking the government to remove all taxes and levies on petroleum products.

Mr Poku said removing all the levies is not achievable hence, cannot be supported.

He explained that the government derives revenue from these same taxes in order to be able to pay TUC members who are working for the government.

If these taxes are removed, how is the government going to get money to pay the same workers? He asked.

“If the TUC is saying all taxes and levies should be suspended, that is no feasible, it is not possible for government to suspend all the taxes.

We live in a country where we develop countries with taxes. TUC whose members are mostly working for government get paid their salaries from these taxes so if government suspends all and levies from petroleum products how do they expect government to pay salaries to its members?

“When the TUC is making such calls they should make reasonable calls that that some of us can support,” he told Martin Asiedu Darteh on the News @10 on TV3, Monday March 21.

The TUC has made some demands from government following the rising cost of living in Ghana due to the high fuel prices.

Secretary-General of the TUC, Dr Yaw Baah in a letter he wrote to the Finance Ministry on Monday, March 21, “The situation must be addressed without further delay, otherwise many more Ghanaians will be pushed into destitution,” Dr Baah warned in the letter.

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The letter noted how fuel prices have increased astronomically since January, obviously impacting cost of living.

“We propose that Government must immediately suspend all taxes and levies on petrol, diesel, LPG, and kerosene.

“This should bring down prices of these fuel products by an average of about 15 percent.

“The suspension should remain in force until the international price of crude oil stabilises and the decline of the Cedi has been halted.”

The TUC is hopeful reduction in fuel prices will translate into price stabilisation of essential goods in the country.

“More importantly, suspending taxes and levies on these fuel products in these challenging times will demonstrate to Ghanaians that our government is sensitive to the plight of the people of Ghana.”

It also urged government to review the method of fuel pricing while demanding a rejig of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to avoid importation of crude oil.

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana