TTU drop-out makes more waves with water bicycle

Takoradi-based water bicycle inventor Frank Darko, who was in the news in the early part of this year, is making strides in the industry. He has invented a children version of the bicycle at the request of a Germany-based Ghanaian medical practitioner. The smaller bike, which is a modification of the first invention, has a brand name embossed on it. According to Frank Darko, the new additions, which are four in number, would be sent to Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region to be used by some school children, who have challenges crossing water bodies to school. Frank tells Connect FM‘s ‘Omanbapa’ morning show host Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson that the Germany-based doctor, who is so impressed by his exploit, has secured about two acre land for him at Abaasa in the Western Region to start mass production for sale. Frank, 24, caught the eyes of the international media with his invention in early 2018. He dropped out of school in his second year at the Takoradi Technical University because of financial challenges. He has, however, been offered scholarship by the same institution to complete his programme of study, Graphic Design. He plans combining his schooling with the production of the bikes and eventually go into full production as an inventor after schooling. Source:|Ghana ]]>

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