Trump says he could invite Kim to US

US President Donald Trump said he would consider inviting North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to the White House if their summit in Singapore goes well. Mr Trump made the comment after meeting Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe to discuss the 12 June summit. Mr Trump said it was possible an agreement to end the Korean War could be reached, though he called that “the easy part” of the negotiations. “It’s what happens after that that is really important,” he told reporters. The US and its regional allies wants to see North Korea give up its nuclear weapons but Mr Trump acknowledged that it “will take longer” than one meeting to realise that goal. Mr Abe, for his part, said he wanted to “directly face North Korea and talk with them” about the issue of abductees. North Korea abducted a number of Japanese citizens during the 1970s and 1980s to help train its spies in Japanese language and customs. Although North Korea has admitted to 13 kidnappings, the real figure is thought to be higher than that. The Japanese prime minister told reporters that if North Korea “is willing to take steps” in the right direction it has a “bright future ahead”. Source: BBC]]>

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