Trump ex-lawyer 'pleads guilty'


US President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to plead to lying to Congress in relation to Russia inquiry, US media report. Mr. Cohen will admit misleading lawmakers about a Trump real estate project in Russia, say reports. He appeared unexpectedly at federal court in Manhattan on Thursday morning. In August, Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to violating finance laws during the 2016 presidential election by handling hush money for Mr. Trump’s alleged lovers. Thursday’s development is the latest twist in the US Department of Justice special counsel’s investigation into whether Mr Trump or his inner circle colluded with a Russian attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election. Mr Cohen – once a staunch Trump loyalist – was interviewed in October last year behind closed doors by congressional investigators. According to US media, Mr Cohen admitted to the court having made false statements to lawmakers about the extent of his efforts to pursue a Trump Tower deal in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. In his Capitol Hill testimony, sources say he had downplayed his contacts with Russian officials about the real estate project, which never resulted in any deal. In a press scrum outside court moments after the hearing, Mr Cohen said nothing to reporters. But his lawyer said: “Mr Cohen has co-operated. Mr Cohen will continue to co-operate.” Source: BBC  ]]>


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