#Trending: 25-year-old loses her life after her friend beats her to death

#Trending: 25-year-old loses her life after her friends beat her to death
Shanquella Robinson

A video of naked Shanquella Robinson from North Carolina getting beat up by her friends has been trending since yesterday. According to reports, Shaquella died from alcohol poisoning, a broken neck and a cracked spine.

Shanquella Robinson was allegedly on vacation with a group of friends in Cabo to celebrate one of their friends’ birthdays.

Unfortunately, Shanquella got into an altercation with one of the girls whilst she appeared drunk in the video. This led to a fight between the two as her other friends watched and recorded her being beaten naked on social media.

Later, they flew back home and left her, beaten to a pulp, in the Airb&b they rented.
Her body was flown back to the states yesterday.

A lot of people are outraged at the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death. Some have called on the police to investigate, while others have started a ‘Justice for Shanquella Campaign.”

Group vacations have recently become fab worldwide, especially for young girls looking to explore the world. It is imperative to take precautionary measures, including conducting a thorough background check on your travel companions.

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