Traders at new Kejetia market cry over high electricity bills

Traders at the newly constructed Kejetia market are complaining of high electricity bills and rampant defects on the facility.

According to them, the over 40,000 shops in the market are connected to one electricity meter, a situation they described as taking a toll on their sales and businesses.

The over $298 million facility adjudged to be the biggest market in West Africa is fast developing defects, the traders also complained.

Maintenance of the facility has been misplaced as traders complain about leakages at the slightest downpour.

The recent and most pressing downside of the market has been hike in electricity tariffs, the traders said.

Speaking on Akoma FM‘s morning show GhanAkoma on Monday, November 16, Spokesperson for Kejetia Petty Traders Association Andrews Quophy lamented that “we cannot pay the bills because is too high”.

“Can you believe that this whole facility has only one meter so when the bill comes, it is shared among the traders and we think this is bad and it’s really affecting our business?”

The traders called on management of the market to allocate separate meters for each shop to settle the issue of high electricity bills.

Community Relations Officer for Contracta, builders of the market, Emmanuel Danso appealed to traders to exercise restraint as the technical team assiduously works to correct the defects.

By Nana Asenso Mensah|Akoma FM||Ghana

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