Too much sycophancy at GFA; Afriyie’s sacking ill timed – Pappoe

Former Vice-President of the Ghana Football Association Fred Pappoe has described the sacking of George Afriyie as “unfortunate and ill timed”. He suggested there is too much sycophancy at the highest level of the Ghana Football Association. Pappoe , who was Nyantekyi’s assistant between 2010 to 2014 before he was voted out also thinks the position of Vice President is being rendered “irrelevant” by the constant changes and current mode of selection. An official statement from the GFA on Tuesday, April 24 said George Afriyie had been relieved off his duties as Vice President of the association. He was the latest in the long line of Nyantekyi assistants to lose his job even though he is the first to be sacked having been directly appointed by the GFA president as per the statutes of the football association. Pappoe says he is not surprised that Afriyie has lost his job but worries there is a dangerous trend developing. “I wasn’t entirely surprised, even though I find the decision a bit unfortunate and ill timed,” Pappoe said on TV3’s Sports Unlimited program. “For some time now we have been hearing about problems in the relationship between the President and his vice but as usual they were pushed under the carpet. “Then later, there was this infamous text message exchange between George and his President and finally there was the whole issue about the declaration, which probably had not gone down well with a number of people in one camp,” Pappoe added. Pappoe says the decision “raises a lot of questions.” He is worried that there is a lack of openness in the executive committee and a lack of sincerity because “people are unwilling and reluctant to speak the truth when they perceive the truth could hurt their leader.” Afriyie’s decision to announce his interest in the GFA presidency seems to have triggered his final downfall leading to the executive committee vote on the grounds that his working relationship with Nyantekyi has deteriorated. Pappoe reckons part of the problem with the current system is the fact that Nyantekyi can hand pick his vice. “I believe we compounded the situation by this rule or regulation which changed the former mode of appointment of Emergency committee members and the Vice President, he said. “Previously it was by elections or by voting of the Executive committee members who will then choose the four persons who will join the President but they changed it for whatever reasons. Now when that is done, you realize that you’re sitting there on the Emergency Committee virtually at the pleasure of one individual. So you dare not speak your mind”, he added. Pappoe himself has been rumoured as a potential candidate in the 2019 GFA elections but he clearly does not trust the system any longer. “We’re talking about governance system that has no credibility because people are not been truthful to themselves and truthful to the electorates and truthful to the broader stake holder population outside the 123 delegates who goes to congress,” he said. By Thierry Nyann|TV3 Sports||Ghana]]>

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