Too much hypocrisy within the music industry- JahLead laments

Too much hypocrisy within the music industry- JahLead laments

Jahlead has confirmed the hypocrisy within artists with Akorfa of 3fm 92.7 in an exclusive interview on the Morning Showbiz show dubbed 3fm Sunrise.

Emmanuel Essel Ackom, known as JahLead, shared his opinion on the issues facing the music industry. He described his colleagues as hypocrites.

” When I say it is a whole lot, I mean there is too much hypocrisy. And that makes us not appreciate each other,” he said
The singer said that his song ‘Pretenders’ tells what every artiste in the industry goes through, making it hard to recognize and acknowledge skilled talents.

Do you know I have a song called Pretenders? This song sums up everything that is happening in the industry. Not only me but every artist knows this, and we have been crying for so long. ’
The Lonely hitmaker also accused featured artists in the industry of not supporting collaborated songs. He said, “When you feature an artist, he does not even tweet about it his not doing anything about it. You feature an artist, and there is no support.”

“The future generations say that I am great and I accept it. And, not those that call themselves senior men or ahead of us or something. It’s the younger ones telling me you are a legend and you are great and influencing me. That alone is a bigger award for me.”

Jahlead is a songwriter, singer and police officer who has acknowledged the new generation for supporting his music journey and seeks more support for his music.
He encouraged all Ghanaians to support him on all his social media platforms at @Jahlead official. And buy his music on all music platforms to push his music worldwide.

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By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony||Ghana