Togbe Afede XIV warns chiefs against politicians

The National House of Chiefs has attributed the increasing chieftaincy disputes in the country to direct interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters. The House observed that political interference in chieftaincy issues tend to distort laid down processes and procedures in resolving chieftaincy disputes. Addressing the media in Kumasi, President of the National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede XIV warned chiefs to desist from turning to politicians to address their disputes. “The House has observed the escalation in recent times of chieftaincy disputes in the country and the direct interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters. This phenomenon has assumed alarming proportions and needs to be arrested. “The House admonish and caution chiefs who are involved in chieftaincy disputes to ensure that they adhere to the due processes of law and procedure laid down by the relevant statutes on chieftaincy rather than resorting to politicians who interfere and distort the procedures.” The House also raised concern over the acute polarization and political tension engulfing the country. “The House is amazed at the high incidence of gaping partisanship and the politics of equalization that has characterized discussions and debates on national issues. National interest should rather be made to take the centre stage in public discourse for peace and progress of the country.” Togbe Afede XIV said the police should be given the space to be professional in investigating alleged criminal conduct of public office holders “no matter whose ox is gored”. This he added will bring the truth out. “Let the police do their work for the truth to be revealed in all our dealings in public and in private life. The Police should also be fair in their dealings with the entire citizenry.” The House stated that in any democratic system of governance, no one is above the law and that for the sake of enduring peace, progress and development of the society the law is above all.

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By Ibrahim Abubakar||Ghana ]]>