Togbe Afede wants W/A leaders to intervene in Togo crisis

President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV, has called on West African leaders to work towards ensuring democratic change in Togo where thousands of government opposition supporters are demanding an end to the Gnasssingbe rule. Speaking exclusively to TV3’s Nana Adua on the current situation in Togo Saturday, Togbe Afede underscored the need for African leaders to intervene in the situation in Togo. He said the Togolese people deserve “more than they are going through today,” which he said could have consequences on West Africa if measures are not taken to ensure rule of law prevails. “I hope that the leaders of West Africa will work assiduously to ensure that change come to Togo so that Togo becomes part of democratic change; a wind that is blowing across of West Africa and indeed all of Africa,” he told TV3. Protests have continued in the francophone country in the last three days as opposition supporters demand the resignation of Mr. Faure Gnassingbé and an end to what they say has become the Gnassingbé dynasty. Security in the country is currently fragile and many fear the situation could explode. Internet services have been shut down in Togo while mobile services cannot be accessed, 3News correspondents have reported. READ: ‘He must’ve exhausted his ideas’ – Obasanjo taunts Togo President Togbe Afede noted family rule and dynasty is a system that is currently abhorred globally hence about time Togo sets term limits for its presidency, adding the Togo situation “is anti democratic and unacceptable” in today’s world. The paramount chief explained that his interest in the Togo situation stems from the fact that should it escalate, it will have impact on Ghana because of the issue of refugees. Again, he said it would reinforce the perception that “Africa is still unsafe; Africa is not stable” He expressed the hope that Togo soon adopts true democracy so that all of West Africa will be peaceful and attract investors for development that would bring jobs, incomes and better living to the people. “It’s very important that the Togolese situation is resolved and whatever we can do as a people to support a peaceful change in Togo should be done” he urged all Africans.

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By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana Editor’s note: The full interview will be played tonight on TV3 prime time news, News360. It will also be streamed live our Facebook page TV3 Ghana]]>