TiC teams up with Joe Frazier and Samuel G on new song, ‘Wayo’

TiC teams up with Joe Frazier and Samuel G on new song, 'Wayo'
TiC, Joe Frazier and Samuel G

Ghanaian music giant TiC features legends Joe Frazier and Samuel G on his new song, ‘Wayo’. This song has become the talk of the town because these prominent faces were some of the building blocks of the Ghana music industry.

Speaking about their new song, Tic added: “I must confess I can’t believe what we just created. The feeling was awesome when we met in the studio.”

On his part, Joe Frazier noted that it was a positive feeling when he received the beat and later reached out to TiC for the concept of the song.

He added that many Ghanaians have been expecting this collaboration for a long time. And for this reason, he is happy it has finally happened.

Joe Frazier is optimistic that ‘Wayo’ will be a big song.

It also featured producer Samuel G, who said he had an idea of doing something Ghanaian but with some international appeal.

He added that it’s a good vibe and believes it has what it takes to become a masterpiece all over the globe.

‘Wayo’ was released under TNR music and Mziiki media and is available on all digital platforms.

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