Thursday attack on airport in Yemeni City is part of my 2021 prophecies – Rev Ofori

st night that “terrorism will rise in the nations of the world. Middle East, South East, Asia, India, Nigeria etc.” He further indicated that several multinational companies are going to established a lot of branches in Ghana this year. He also prophesied on 31st watch night that Ghana is going to find more crude oil in commercial quantities. “I saw giant foreign companies setting up their industries here in Ghana. Ghana will soon emerge as an envy to the world. I see us drilling oil in commercial quantities,” he said during the church service. On the global scene, he said “Global rise in anti-Semitism especially in the USA the Jews will be discriminated and treated with hostility, some will be sent home.” Rev Ofori noted that some of his prophecies have started being fulfilled just within twenty four hours after prophesying.

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