Three SA arrested for training NPP Boys, Bogus and Mockery!

ex SA police officers

NDC is on it again, Masters of mischief and unguided twisters of facts for cheap political gains. The BNI is again resurrected to champion their games for their paymasters just as it happened in the year 2000 when they arrested some Italians accused of sponsoring NPP.

The stomach-motivatiled media houses (the rented paid NDC media houses and radio hosts) are up again for what they are known best for – diverting public attention from the economic hardship meted out to Ghanaians by the incompetent government.

1. The Three SA ex-policemen

These three are retired servicemen in South Africa without any hint of criminal or wrongdoing whiles in and after their service. They are neither terrorists nor criminals. They served their country without shedding blood. They have never been arrested or charged with any criminal activity. So what is their crime of being in Ghana?  The BNI should be more concern about killings by the Fulani herdsmen. BNI should be more worried about the Gitmo-Two known terrorists and other undisclosed seventeen(17) Syrian war fighters secretly brought into the country by the NDC.  Where are these known terrorists? Are they on their job of training NDC party soldiers?

2. The Training

Is it a crime to train people in an election year for defending and protecting? Or it is now a crime for a foreigner to train people in a registered security company. Which law is that? The said training was done under a licensed or accredited security agency, Delta Security in Agona Duakwa. The hotel being used for the training has a much known facilities for the training of members of National Association of Private security Companies. It has normal classroom for its programs such as the training. It runs usually in-service training for many private security groups.

If BNI wants to be trusted and respected as they wished, they should have arrested the then NDC national organizer, Yaw Boateng Gyan for recruiting and training his party foot soldiers as national security men, issuing to them Ghana Police uniforms and guns, pepper spray, etc.  giving them national security ID cards to foment and cause harm on their political opponents. They should be more interested in arresting Kofi Adams, Fifi Kwetey, Harry Zakour, Joe Mentle Nunoo, chief Azorka and co for organizing and training people from Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso in the same security matters.

So it is their wish for the NPP to sit aloof, fold their arms and watch whilst:

1. Our MPs are being murdered by “coached madmen”?

2. When our national Headquarters are being raided by ex-soldiers who are walking free today?

3. When our men are being attacked by faceless beings even on radio?

4. When NDC cutlasses are being sharpened and ready to kill us?

5. When they are planning how to poison NPP bigwigs?

6. When their national chairman, Kofi Purtophy is holding 38 pump action gun in his car going through Talensi mobilizing thugs?

7. When police attack innocent demonstrators?

8. When contract and political killings are on the rise?

9. When chiefs are being murdered without arrest?

10. When NDC foot soldiers are being trained how to shoot and kill?

3. Comprehensive Report on STL

and so what? Is STL company a no go area or STL is now a national security outfit? Is STL, a foreign company now hosting national security details? What is their fear if they are not into dubious and questionable operations with the electoral commission?


We are NOT going into 2016 with this cheap type of arrest.


By Chris Arthur


Students Network for Nana Addo (STUNNAD)

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