Three kids die after inhaling insecticide parents sprayed in their room

A young couple in Accra have lost their three children through insecticide poisoning. The children, nine-month-old twin girls and their two-year-old brother, died at the 37 Military hospital, last Friday night. They were said to have  inhaled a deadly substance called organo-phosphate found in a product called Topstoxin. The  parents said they purchased the poisonous substance based on recommendations from a friend after they had unsuccessfully tried to get rid of insects with regular sprays. The substance, also known as AlP, is used as a rodenticide and insecticide and a fumigant for stored cereal grains. A visit to the residents of the couple at Abavana down in Kotobabi in Accra saw many sympathizers expressing their condolence to the family. The 37 Military Hospital has confirmed the incident and said a sample of the substance has been sent to the Public Health Division, the Food and Drugs Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency for further investigations. The three children will be buried on Tuesday April 24. Meanwhile, the parents have been scheduled to see clinical psychologist on Wednesday.

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