Think Ghana! Stop sleeping with female artistes – Stephanie Benson to artiste managers

Think Ghana! Stop sleeping with female artists - Stephanie Benson to artiste managers
Stephanie Benson

They say it’s a man’s world. And according to Stephanie Benson claiming ownership comes with responsibilities. And thus, she has charged artiste managers to step up their game and deal professionally with females in the music industry.

Conversation in TV3’s Ladies Circle took a quick turn when the tenets of artiste management popped up. And by unanimous agreement, many female artists are forced into sexual relationships with their managers to keep their careers alive.

Addressing the dark patch of the otherwise vibrant industry, Stephanie Benson empathizes with women who may have had to give up the cookie to push their careers forward. Accordingly, she pointed out the cost of desperation, especially when one is backed against a wall.

“You see, desperation can make people do things that they don’t really want to do. Sometimes I see that side of it. That’s why I don’t judge people. It’s all well and good to sit here and say don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t be that way. But I’m predominantly a mother as well. But if you are struggling hardest and you are loving music or you want to be famous. That kind of desperation makes you do things.”

The sensational award-winning songstress pointed out how lucky her children are to be protected from such situations. She also called on the male managers to restrain thinking with their genitals whilst dealing with the future of Ghanaian music.

“If the guys care about Ghana and Ghana music that much, and our female artiste. Then they should stop trying to blackmail those girls into opening their legs for them,” Stephanie Benson concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana