These Power Vampires are causing you high electricity bills

power-vampiresDo you think you’re paying more for electricity than you consume? Are you wondering why your electricity consumption is high yet you use few and energy-efficient electrical gadgets? Customers are sometimes at a loss as to what constitute the high energy consumption on the bills they receive and what appliances might be consuming all the power. Well, power vampires may be living with you and feeding on your electricity bills unknowingly. In electrical engineering, there is a phenomenon called Vampire power. Vampire power is a not-so-common term in electrical engineering and very alien to most electricity consumers. Appliances that utilises this type of power are termed as Power vampires or energy vampires. These energy vampires live with us and feed on our bills. This could be one of the reasons customers notice high energy consumption recorded on their bills. Read the below WhatsApp-like chat for a better explanation and understand how Power Vampires feed on your power as well as how you could stop them. Whatsapp By|ECG Ghana|]]>

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