There’s no link between voters registration exercise and census – Dr Serebuor

The Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr Serebour Quaicoe, has said there is no link between population census  and the compilation of a new voters register.

He told Alfred Ocansey on the 3FM’s Sunrise, Monday August 10, that the compilation of a new electoral roll is not dependent on a census being first conducted.

He explained that under the laws, it is when the EC intends to make demarcations that the issue of population census will come but not in the case of a registration exercise.

“There is no any relations between census and the voter’s registration. It is when we are doing demarcations that the law explains that we will have to finish census.

“For registration, we only register people who are available, so, whether the census says they are thousand, it doesn’t matter how many people are going to register.

“So we are only interested in those who will be there to register not what their projections from census is. We register those who make themselves available, when you finish then you will now do the comparison.

“It doesn’t follow that once a census says t is thousand we registered thousand. The people who will come and make themselves available and will be registered.

“Then after we have finished with the compilation of the register then we can do the comparison in terms of the population figures, the age distributions and the others”, he said.

 By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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