“There’s no link between terrorism and Islam” – Mahama

Mahama & Chief Imam 1President John Dramani Mahama has condemned the association of extreme religious acts such as terrorism to Islam, adding that the Islam stands for peace and nothing else.
According to the president persons who link terrorism to Islam, do not know understand the tenets and foundation of the religion.
He further noted that recent acts of terror in the holy city of Saudi Arabia cannot be attributed to true Muslims who understand the teachings of the holy prophet Mohammed.
Speaking at the end of the 2016 Ramadan prayers which was held at the Independence Square in Accra on Wednesday July 6, the president said “we live in a world that is changing and some people under the guise of religion and religious extremism misinterpret the religious doctrines and use it to create harm for ideological reasons…
“Terrorism has entered our sub region and these people who propagate the terrorism ideology come under the guise of religion and erroneously try to create an equation between terrorism and Islam, it is not true, there is no link between terrorism and Islam” he added.
He further urged Muslim youth to be focused on helping each other and their communities rather than engaging in acts of riot, vandalism and public confusion, acts which have always been associated with them.
President Mahama also charged politicians to refrain from using muslim youth to do their dirty works for them especially during a electioneering periods like what is before the country in the next few months.
“Let me also urge that our muslim youth and our youth in the Zongo’s should not be used as political party thugs anytime some political personality or party wants to recruit people to go and cause trouble, the first place they go to is Nima or Bawku. Our youth are not soldiers. They are young boys and girls who are engaged in seeking a peaceful living.”
Ghana heads to the polls later in 2016 and there have been calls from key political actors, Civil Society Organisations, religious bodies and leaders for a more vigilant election season and a peaceful one.
By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana
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