There is tension in Bunkprugu over threat of terror attack – MP says but assures security agencies are on alert

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Member of Parliament for Bunkpurugu, Bandim Abednego Azumah has revealed that there is tension in his constituency and surrounding areas following the threat of terror attack.

He however, assured that the security agencies are on high alert.

He said these in interview with TV3’s Mohammed Rabiu Tankoh after the Ministry of National Security has said it has identified the movement of suspicious persons on the hills of Bunkprungu-Nankpanduri District in the North-East Region.

He said “Indeed I am aware because I am a very important stakeholder as far as development and security of my constituency is concerned. I was one of the first to be consulted even before the statement was issued by the national security. It came as not surprising to me, even as shocking as it was to many people.

“Why do I say so? Because, we, my constituency is a border town to Togo, we share borders to our neighbouring country Togo and recently we all heard about the happenings in Togo when the Jihadists invade the community and killed even some military in that country.

“So as a border town, I am not surprised that may be these people have extended their activities trying to enter into our country Ghana using the North East border with Togo, so I am not surprised at all. What we only need to do is to tighten up our security and I am sure working with the security operatives on the ground, they are very much prepared to ensure that those characters are arrested if they ever enter into the constituency.

“There is some amount of tension because if you saw videos of what they did in Togo, and you hear that, they are getting closer, you will be concern.

“So there are some tension, but of course the security agencies are also up and doing. Just this afternoon, I had a call from the commanders on the ground, both the police, Immigration and National Security asking me to assist them in propagating or educating our people.

“So I have sponsored some media education programmes which is currently going and we intend that after the first one, almost every two, three hours, it will be repeated so that the people will understand what their responsibilities are and that the attention will also be count so that they don’t live in fear and all the time. But they have to be watchful and that is why the education is very important”.


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