There are no equal rights in marriage, submit to your husbands – Dr Charlotte orders women

If she uses sex toys, she can cheat on you - Rev Charlotte Oduro
Charlotte Oduro

Dr Charlotte Oduro opened a can of worms when she opined that men and women can never be equal in marriage. According to the lady pastor, women cannot keep their marital homes if they don’t submit to their husbands.

Speaking on the mysteries of marriage, Dr Charlotte Oduro revealed that God ordained marriages will flourish if only certain conditions. One of which is women humbling and submitting themselves fully to their husbands.

“In the Bible in Ephesians chapter 5, it says at 32 that marriage is a mystery. So if you do not understand God, you can’t be married. You will have a wedding, but you will divorce. Marriage is not about ‘I have gone to school’, ‘I have a certificate’ or ‘I have a PhD.’ Most women need humility. And when you say it, then the women say we are equal. No, there are no equal rights when it comes to marriage. The man is the man, the woman is the woman. Let’s not fight over it.

“When it comes to marriage, humility is the hallmark of a wife. And love is for men. As a woman, whether you like it or not, no matter how rich you are or the position you hold, a man is a man. And that is their problem. So when she enters into marriage, and she has to be humble and submit to her husband and use prayer to push the man, most women find this hard.”

Rev Charlotte also disclosed that wives should always make their husbands feel at peace even when they cheat.

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Every man needs peace. No matter what he has done, give him peace. And at the right time, you talk to him about it.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana