The special panty to spice up your marriage – Stephanie Benson recommends

The special panty to spice up your marriage – Stephanie Benson recommends
Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson shares a little secret to how she has kept her marriage still vibrant as ever after 32 years. She says the use of this tiny little gadget can make a huge difference in their sex lives.

According to sensational international artist Stephanie Benson, a few tricks here and there can spice up a marriage on the verge of going stale. She said role-playing with some help from her special panty.
She said, “We are going to role-play. I am a spy with very amazing hand access. Right now, I am standing here with a very special kind of panties. And inside this panty is a little tiny thing that I am going to use to prepare my insides.

It is just there long enough to do the job I want it to do until he comes home. So when he comes home, I am all ready. My brain is all about some of the crazy things we can do.
Stephanie explained that the speed should not be too intense so that you don’t reach orgasm. The whole exercise is to prep you before the big game.

Stephanie Benson recommended women try this trick if they are losing their sex drive or losing feelings for their husbands. She said it’s one of the little things you can do. She urged women to trust her because it might work wonders for them.

Stephanie just released a new single #gotogirl. You should check it out.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana