The Spear of Survival: Which of the 10 survivors will survive this week?

If you have heard the adage “survival of the fittest”, then you may have to watch TV3’s survival test reality show, The Spear of Survival, every Sunday at 5:00 pm to appreciate the adage better as young men and women race through a Ghanaian jungle to win the ultimate prize – One SUV and a GH25,000. The 13-week show is arguably the most exciting, suspenseful, breathtaking and captivating show on TV which tests the physical, mental and emotional adaptability of contestants to different situations. It’s been a nerve-splitting experience for the contestants but once committed to the task, there is no retreat until competition undo them. Three weeks down the show, only 10 out of the initial 15 constants have made the cut to continue and the stakes are high for them. Why and how did the 10 come this far? Navigator Jay Jay explains the performance of each contestant and where the stand in terms of ranking. But there is even a bigger question – Who survives the next episode this Sunday? By P.D Wedam||Ghana  ]]>

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