The ‘R. Kellys’ in Ghana will soon be dealt with – Bullgod

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Last week, legendary R&B American singer R. Kelly was sentenced for 30 years for sex trafficking crimes. According to Bullgod, some persons are perpetrating similar crimes in Ghana whose cups will soon get full.

An interesting dialogue on Fame and Morality on Showbiz 927 got Bullgod making some allegations against people of high status in the country.

According to the artist manager, some persons in Ghana are engaged in similar sex crimes.

“Look, there are a lot of things are happening even down here in Ghana. Maybe they will end up like R. Kelly, or, in the future, you will hear some of these things. It’s plenty happening, but our system is some way, so the people think they’ve gotten away with it.”

Bullgod also added that people are never corrupted by power or fame. He believes that it accentuates their real selves. So a bad person will be exceptionally wicked given the opportunity to exercise power.

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“I don’t believe that your status can corrupt your morality. I believe that your status can only enhance what you are. So if you are corrupt from the beginning when you become big or famous, you are going to be more corrupt.

“So I don’t believe that being famous can play a part in your moral fibre. You, know, push you to be good or bad. What you are is what you are. It’s just amplified when you have the opportunity to do what you have to do,” Bullgod concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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