The Police are bent on harassing Ghanaian prophets – Bishop Prince Bennywood

The Police are bent on harassing Ghanaian prophets - Bishop Prince Bennywood
Bishop Prince Bennywood

President of the Concern Clergy Association of Ghana CCAG, Bishop Prince Bennywoood, has indicated that the posture of the police towards the clergy recently is tantamount to intimidation and harassment.

Ahead of the 31st December all-night service last year, the police warned prophets from prophecies that predict doom on people. Fast forward to 2022, the Ghana Police service has released another statement saying that they would scrutinize last years prophecies and deal with those that flouted the law. The statement also said the regulations on doom prophecies is not limited to 31st all-night services.

In an exclusive interview on Anigye Mmere with Onua FM’s Christian Agyei, Bishop Bennywood said the police are overstretching and stepping their boundaries. He also believes that the police service also has intentions of intimidating and harassing the prophets.

“Let me tell you something, the police said they released the first statement before the 31st all-night service to prevent prophecies that will cause fear and panic, right? Okay, after the 31st, do we have peace? If yes, then wherefrom this statement? They’re not satisfied with what they want to do. They’ve planned on intimidating the prophets.

“You who said you’re preventing fear and panic, you are rather doing same. Now we’ve gotten to realms of harassment on prophets. It’s not your job”. Bishop Bennywood indicated.

He further advised the police to stay within their boundaries because issues about fear and panic on people are clinical and must be ascertained by the Ghana Medical Association.

“If we are dealing with issues of law, it should be based on evidence and anything that’s not physical. You’ll need certain people to prove it. Psychologists and medical professionals must sit down and identify if death prophesies causes fear and panic in people. That’s not the job of the police.

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“We have a lawyer in the Police service, but they don’t interpret the law. Supreme Court is mandated to do so.
We should allow the institutions to work because, in every civilized state, they allow institutions to stay in the remit of their expertise”, the man of God cautioned.

By Victor Kodom|Onua FM||Ghana