The key to dieting is to eat healthy food- Food Goddess Kinorah Awini reveals

The key to dieting is to eat healthy food- Food Goddess Kinorah Awini reveals
Kinorah Awini

Kinorah Awini advised Ghanaians on the way to go with food. She said exercising discipline on what and when we eat is a step in the right direction.

Speaking on the Ladies Circle Show on TV3, Kinorah said eating food should not be centred around losing or gaining weight. It is about eating healthy. She said, “If you eat a lot of carbs and you do not burn the calories. It just converts to sugar or fats.

Sharing her views on dieting and nutrition plan, the food connoisseur said one should know what to eat and when to eat. She continued that timing is crucial in the digesting process, and hence eating at the right time goes a long way to stay on the healthy track.

Kinorah mentioned that, unfortunately, most Ghanaian dishes are mainly carbs which makes them quite unhealthy. If you eat a lot of these dishes, then you must be physically active to burn all the calories. Otherwise, the surplus would form a stubborn layer of fat around your abdomen.
Addressing the host on the show, She said, “If you eat two balls of kenkey or banku. And a mason eats two balls of kenkey. He is going to burn it, and you are not going to burn it. Yours will turn into some form of illness.”
She stressed the importance of well to remain healthy.

Kinorah Awini is the CEO and content creator of Telande World.

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