The Inclusive Education Project: Life after Ghana’s Most Beautiful with Queen Naa

The Inclusive Education Project: Life after Ghana's Most Beautiful with Queen Naa
Naa Dedei Botchwey
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Naa Dedei Botchwey, the reigning queen of Ghana’s Most Beautiful, shared her work, experiences and life after winning the show on TV3 NewDay.

Naa, who represented the Greater Accra Region, won the most coveted title as Ghana’s Most Beautiful in 2020. Sharing her experiences with Cookie Tee, Naa mentioned the launch of her foundation, The Inclusive Education Project, on 26th February 2021.

According to Naa, she was deeply in finding educational solutions before the GMB Reality show. She said this gingered her to enter into the competition for a bigger platform to pursue her passion.
She said, “Thank God for the platform that GMB has given me. It has been very helpful. TV3 came on board and gave me a cover letter for everyone that I invited. So, I believe that TV3 had a role to play in all the great people that you saw over there. And I had my team on board, my family supporting, to make sure that it was successful. And indeed it was.”

The foundation is involved in promoting inclusive education in Ghana. Inclusive education entails that everyone has access to education. She said The foundation is committed to improving inclusive education in Ghana. Inclusive education is that nobody should be left out, no matter where they are coming from, even if they have disabilities. Whatever their challenges, everyone should have access to fair and quality education.
The campaign also supports Ghana policy on inclusive education. And SDG Goal 4, which is about promoting inclusivity in education. Conferring to Naa GMB, this project has been a life-long passion of hers. Which she hopes to push through by partnering with schools to give tertiary scholarships to girls, building community libraries for educational resources and supporting disabled children, especially those with dyslexia.

Among the activities taken includes the Laweh Univerity Scholarship, talks with the Ghana Library Authority about renovating the Dawatrin Community library. And hoping to secure a scholarship package from the Regional Maritime University for twenty girls to do a vocational course in the maritime business.
Naa Botchwey also spoke about her mentorship program called, Ask Naa. Ask Naa is a medium where young people receive mentorship from professionals. The initiative has already visited about eight schools, in and out of Accra.

Naa had some advice for ladies aspiring to take over the crown as Ghana’s Most Beautiful. She said, “Don’t listen to a lot of people. I believe that always you will have more naysayers than people pushing you. Even among the competition, you build a relationship with the girls because you are in this together. And then you hear them saying, ‘I am so scared. They asked me this and that. Pay no attention. It is all noise. You have to come with a purpose. Because if you have a purpose, you can not be distracted. Know why you came. Be prepared before you come, and execute.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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