The ‘+’ in LGBTQ+ more dangerous and deadlier; people will engage in open sex etc – Counselor


A Takoradi-based counsellor-cum-educationist, Prophet Josiah Kwofie, has said that there are hidden facts about LGBTQ+, which some 18 eminent personalities in Ghana are advocating and championing for, saying they are hiding from the public deadlier consequences.

According to Prophet Kwofie, the plus (+) added to the abbreviation LGBTQ means that there may be assorted and endless sexual desires which can be added to the existing ones and that will continue unabated.

The seer, in an interview with Monica Dede Odonkor on Asetenapa on Connect FM on Saturday, October 17, disclosed that Ghanaians must be very serious in fighting this dangerous social canker holistically.

He hinted that this whole LGBTQ+ agenda started in 1996 when the LGBTQs started to sponsor some people who are now pushing for its legalisation.

Mentioning some of the intended pluses as open or public sex, he said these group of people can even block a road and satisfy their sex desires, sex at will, engage in child marriage, multiple sex marriages, polyany and polyandry, group marriage, paraphilia type, paedophelia among others and these are dangerous and may destroy the country.

“What they are advocating for the Ghanaian society is very dangerous and blasphemous enough to wipe our generation,” he said.

“Though the advocates are aware of the consequences of what they are championing for, they are simply working for those who sponsored their education.”

He said that those pushing the LGBTQ on Africa are using Ghana as a gateway to achieve their agenda on the continent and if they succeed in Ghana then they can overcome the entire continent.

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The prophet urged Chiefs, Traditionalists, Christians and Moslems to come on board to fight the LGBTQ+ brouhaha else the entire nation and the continent will be doomed.

Source: Connect FM||Ghana