The fight against fraud & corruption!

The fight against fraud and corruption is not a book work, neither is it in long speeches across the Mediterranean Ocean. It’s in hard field work. A hard work based on proactiveness of processes and the streamline of systems that secures our locker rooms and protects the secret codes to the money rooms. Any fight against corruption that will yield credible result will be a key strategy based on credible leadership and the willingness of a law enforcement agency enforcing the law without fear and favour. The current trend of fraudulent and corrupt activities across the globe and the high seas could lead to many agitations and contestations in the streets of Makola and Kejetia when the masses can’t survive anymore and will be calling on the anger of the gods for solutions. Let’s all rise up to our responsibilities and put all hands on the wheel with a determined forward March that ensures we are all doing what is right and what is just in safeguarding the public vault and ensuring the highways are secured and cleaned to stop the many spillages and leakages permanently. Tsuaa Omanye Aba! By Richard Kumadoe Fraud & Security Consultant]]>